Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Polar Express PJ Day

They forgot to get dressed!  ;)
We started the day by gathering in Mrs. Hendricks' room to listen to the reading of The Polar Express.  Ms. Lankey's class and Ms. Loman's class joined us!
 Mrs. Hendricks forgot to get dressed too!
 Ms. Lankey helped us kick off Reading Counts!  She taught us how to take quizzes and earn points!
 We spread out and read books the rest of the morning until lunch.
 Parent volunteers took us to the library a few at a time to take Reading Counts quizzes.  Thank you to all parents who helped!
 Cozy on the carpet!
 Dennis and Josiah
 Viniya and Nevaeh
 Vilica and Maria
 Caden and Kamran
 Hayden got so sleepy from reading!
 Class photo!  Are we cute or what?!
 One big happy family!
 Nevaeh and her grandmother
 Devin and his aunt
 I gave the kids their gifts after lunch!
 They were quite surprised!
 Personalized dry erase boards!
 We watched Polar Express in the afternoon.  During intermission, we drank hot cocoa!
 Ms. Lankey's and Ms. Loman's classes joined us!
 Serious boys!
 Silly girls!
 Hayden and Hannah
 Devin and Kamran
 The girls pretended they were adults and that their hot chocolate was coffee!  They kept saying, "Cheers!"  Too cute!
 Fun with our new dry erase boards!
 Hannah and Hayden
 Tyrese and Nevaeh
We had such a fun, relaxing last day before Winter Break!

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