Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Happy Feet Night

Hopkins' annual Holiday Family Night was a hit!  The theme this year was Happy Feet.   Families ate a fried chicken dinner and then chose three crafts to complete together.  Santa came to visit at the end!  1,000+ people attended this year!
 Hayden's family
 Daron brought his Mom, aunt, and cousins!
 Hayden's dad helping his girls!
 Hayden and Harper with their finished mitten ornaments!
 Daron made a big mitten ornament!
 Kasey and her mom
 Kasey also made a big mitten!
 Kamran and his aunt
 Kamran came with his aunt and cousins!
 Vilica and her mom
 Hannah and her mom made an ornament together!  Her dad also came.
 Terrell brought his mom, twin brother, Terrence and his sister!
 Terrell made a large mitten and Terrence made a small mitten!
 Devin had a fun time with his aunt and uncle!
 Dennis worked with his dad and mom!
 Viniya had fun making a mitten with her sister and brother!
 Finished product!
 Josiah came with his mom, sister, and grandmother!
 Santa and Daron
 Santa and Hannah
 Kasey and Santa
Santa and Dennis

Happy Holidays Hopkins' Families!

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