Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Game Day!

Shortly after earning Zoo Day, we earned Game Day!  We worked so well as a team so we were able to bring in a favorite game to play!  
Way to go, guys!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Election Day, 1st Grade Style!

As you know, the United States re-elected President Obama in the Presidential election earlier this month.  We held a class election too!  Our two candidates, or more appropriately "candy"dates, were M&Ms and Skittles!
 We worked as campaign volunteers.
 Caden is making a campaign poster for M&Ms!
 "Vote for M&Ms!  They are magical delicious!"
 "Vote for Skittles!"
 "Marvelous M&Ms, Red, Green, Blue!"
 Campaign Rally!
Vote for M&Ms!
 Vote for Skittles!
 We planned speeches for our favorite candidate!
We wrote speeches! 
 We gave our speeches!
 Vote for M&Ms!
 Vote for Skittles!
 After a long campaign, the voting precinct opened!
 We registered to vote!
 We had to show our voter registration card in order to vote!
 Daron cast his ballot!
 Dennis cast his ballot! 
 Hannah cast her ballot!
 Hayden cast her ballot!
 We voted!
 We voted too! 
Everybody voted!
 We tallied all of the votes!
 We graphed the results!  
Drum roll, please!  
And, the winner is...
 We celebrated!
 We were good sports even if we wanted M&Ms to win!
 So happy that our candidate won!
Congratulations, Skittles!!!
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guest Readers!

Ms. Lankey's friend, Miss Haley, came and read Lily's Purple Plastic Purse to us!
We love when guest readers come visit us!
Miss Maria, from Bank of America, came to read Grace for President!
If you'd like to be a guest reader, please let Mrs. Hendricks know!  
We'd love for you to come read to us!

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