Friday, November 25, 2011

Fire Safety

The local firemen came to show teach us about fire safety.
One fireman showed us his firetruck.
We got to go in the firetruck!

This fireman taught us not to be scared when he has his firefighting gear on. 

He's not scary!  He can help us!

Authors of the Day

Every day we write in our journals!
We draw pictures and write letters, words, and sentences.
Every day 2 students get to be the Authors of the Day!
We get to sit in Mrs. Hendricks' rocking chair.  We read our journals to the class and show our illustrations.
Our classmates give 2 stars which means they say 2 nice things about our writing.
They also say 1 wish which means that they say something they want us to do next time we write.

Ss is for...

Silly Socks

Stone Soup

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